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S80 Screener

The S80 screener  is designed for users who require less capacity than the S130 and S190 models offer, but are not willing to sacrifice the quality features found on the McCloskey S-Range of vibratory screeners. These features include a High Energy Screenbox, large hopper and large engine bay. The S80 can employ the steepest angle of any three- way-split screening plant currently available, ensuring best-in-class screening in materials like sand and peastone. Users with smaller floats or in areas with strict transport regulations will benefit from the smaller transport dimensions.

Engine130 HP (98 kw)
Screenbox Top Deck3050mm (10′) x 1370mm (4.5′)
Screenbox Bottom Deck2440mm (8′) x 1370mm (4.5′)
Belt Width – Main Conveyor900mm (36′)
Stockpile Height – Tail Conveyor3790mm (12′-5″) – Track Model4139mm (13′-7″) – Wheel Model
Stockpile Height – Side Conveyor4110mm (13′-6″) – Track Model4870mm (15’11”) – Wheel Model

S130 Screener

The McCloskey S130 High Energy Screener is used across a wide range of applications, including aggregate, coal, crusher circuits and wood chips. The S130 screener  is renowned for its fine sand screening and is impressing customers worldwide with its production capacities. With the S130, you get class-leading S-Range features like the aggressive High Energy Screenbox and user-friendly operation. The S130’s unique size is designed to meet demands of operators who require significantly more screening capacity than a 10′ or 11′ screenbox, but may not require the higher capacity of a 20′ plant. The S130 screener is also available as a Triple Deck and boasts an array of features and benefits which elevate the models above all the competitors in its class. The S130 TD has comparable production capacity to its competitor’s larger models at a far more cost effective price.

Engine130 HP (97 kW)
Screenbox Top Deck4270mm (14′) x 1524mm (5′)
Screenbox Bottom Deck3660mm (12′) x 1524mm (5′)
Belt Width – Main Conveyor1050mm (42″)
Stockpile Height – Tail Conveyor3871mm (12′ – 8″) – Track Model4139mm (13′-7″)- Wheel Model
Stockpile Height – Side Conveyor4600mm (15′-1″) – Track Model4870mm (15′ – 11″) – Wheel Model

S190 Screener

Pushing industry performance standards and leading the competition with the most advanced and innovative 20′ x 5′ mobile vibratory screening plant in production today, the S190 High Energy Screener clearly demonstrates McCloskey’s focus on making customer focused features standard.

Features such as the adjustable screenbox angles allow adaptability to a wide range of material applications including quarrying, mining, sand and gravel, coal screening, topsoil, and woodchip. With the highest grade specifications and component parts, the S190 screener is easily the number one choice for high productivity, quality and value. The S190 is also offered as a Triple Deck and has the highest combined true screening area across three decks. This class leading screening area, along with it high energy screening action ensure that the McCloskey Triple deck models are the superior choice in aggregate material screening.

Engine130 HP (98 kw)
Screenbox Top Deck5′ x 4′ side tension – 5 off
Screenbox Bottom Deck5′ x 6′ end tension – 3 off
Belt Width – Main Conveyor1050mm (42″)
Stockpile Height – Tail Conveyor4638mm (15′ – 3″)
Stockpile Height – Side Conveyor5100mm (16′ – 9″)

S250 Screener

The new McCloskey S250 Screener rises above all industry standards, positioned as one of  the world’s largest track mobile screeners. The 22 x 6 heavy duty high energy 2 bearing 3 deck screeners deliver more true screening area. Engine options, including Cat and Volvo, deliver the required power for maximising throughput. 
Available in double or triple deck models, the S250 features 900mm (36”) wide side conveyors and an 800mm (32”) wide oversize conveyor for higher material flow. The oversize conveyor also features an open roller design, reducing power requirements.This class leading screening area, along with its high energy screening action, ensure that the McCloskey S250 is the superior choice for aggregate material screening.

Engine280 Hp (209 kW)
Transport Height3.6m (11’ 10”)
Transport Length19.55m (64’ 1.5”) 15’ Hopper/18.63m (61’ 1.5”) 12’ Hoppe
Transport Width3.66m (12’)
Stockpile Height – Tail Conveyor4992mm (16’ – 4.5”)
Stockpile Height – Side Conveyor5398mm (17’ – 8.5”)
Screenbox Dimensions6710mm x 1830mm (22’ x 6’)

Mini Sizer Screener

The McCloskey Mini Sizer is a compact solution for high quality screening when on site space and transport options are at a minimum. With a 5′ x 5′ (1490mm x 1490mm) double deck screenbox, the Mini Sizer can offer contractors a clean saleable product, increasing the quality of their material, reducing waste cost, and creating new streams of revenue for their business.

Engine9.5 HP (7.1 kW) Diesel
Transport Height9′ 9″ (2983mm)
Transport Width7′ 7″ (2320mm)
Transport Length17′ 10″ (5430mm)
Weight7,000 lbs (3,200 kg) estimated

Kompaq Screener

The McCloskey Kompaq mobile screener is a small yet robust machine designed for recycling, composting, topsoil, landscaping, and contract building industries. It features unrivaled mobility and a surprisingly large 8′ x 4′ (2.44m x 1.2m) double deck, four bearing screenbox to ensure efficient production.

Engine44 HP (32,5 kW) Diesel
Transport Height7 ‘6 “(2,30 m) standard
Transport Width7 ‘7 “(2.320m) standard
Transport Length13 ‘1 “(4,00m) standard
Peso16,535 lbs (7,500 kg) incl. mid-product & turn table

123 Sizer Screener

The McCloskey 123 Sizer screen is ideal for quarry and mining applications where only very heavy duty equipment will meet your needs. With a high strength bolted construction screenbox and a high tensile steel punch plate, the 123 Sizer has the ability to handle the heaviest of materials. The 123 Sizer is designed with durable features throughout to ensure it is the most robust, heavy duty scalping screen around.

Engine100 HP (74 kW) Diesel
Transport Height11 ‘(3,36 m)
Transport Width8 ‘6 “(2,60 m)
Transport Length39 ‘2 “(11,95m)
Peso51.800 lbs (23.500 kg) estimated