S190 Screener


Pushing industry performance standards and leading the competition with the most advanced and innovative 20′ x 5′ mobile vibratory screening plant in production today, the S190 High Energy Screener clearly demonstrates McCloskey’s focus on making customer focused features standard.

Features such as the adjustable screenbox angles allow adaptability to a wide range of material applications including quarrying, mining, sand and gravel, coal screening, topsoil, and woodchip. With the highest grade specifications and component parts, the S190 screener is easily the number one choice for high productivity, quality and value. The S190 is also offered as a Triple Deck and has the highest combined true screening area across three decks. This class leading screening area, along with it high energy screening action ensure that the McCloskey Triple deck models are the superior choice in aggregate material screening.

Engine130 HP (98 kw)
Screenbox Top Deck5′ x 4′ side tension – 5 off
Screenbox Bottom Deck5′ x 6′ end tension – 3 off
Belt Width – Main Conveyor1050mm (42″)
Stockpile Height – Tail Conveyor4638mm (15′ – 3″)
Stockpile Height – Side Conveyor5100mm (16′ – 9″)